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Chemical Peels

At The Harley Laser Clinic, we offer a range of treatments which are specifically focused on treating the skin.  A Chemical Peel is a rapid skin renewal process, which removes dead cells from the skin’s surface while stimulating reproduction in the living cells underneath.

Expected Results

The results are often clearly visible and give a significant impact to the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation differences on the skin.  Skin peels from The Harley Laser Clinic are especially effective in the reduction of the visibility of scars which may have been caused by either enlarged pores or acne.

Chemical Peel products use the very latest in scientifically advanced formulas for the optimum results.  They are known to renew the skin by peeling away the utmost dermal layers, allowing the newer skin underneath to take its place.  It is the ideal skin treatment process for those who may suffer from acne, pigmentation or discoloration.

We will always offer a full and free consultation before any treatment is undertaken.

The Benefits of Chemical Peeling?

One of the many advantages of chemical peelings are the results.  This process can improve the quality and the appearance of the skin.  The peeling process will remove a specific layer of skin that gets quickly regenerated, then receives a fresh aspect through cells which remain in certain parts of the skin which have the capacity to reproduce.

What is the Science behind the peeling?

There are predominantly two different layers of the skin; the dermis and the epidermis. The latter of which is divided into five parts which are: Lucidum, Corneum, Spinosum, Granulosum, and Basale.  The Dermis is made up of from two significant layers which are Reticular and Papillary.   In between these two main layers of skin is the basel membrane.  It is this, which is responsible for skin regeneration after the peeling.

Simply stated, the peeling process removes specific layers of the skin and it enables cellular regeneration; that starts at the basel layer, it is this which helps to generate the improvement in your skin.


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