AQ Skin solutions for Hair Loss – (Human Growth Factor)

AQ Skin solutions for Hair Loss – (Human Growth Factor)

It is all too common an assumption that when you grow up, and yAQ Skni Solutions for hair loss Hair complexour body starts to age, hair becomes thinner and in some people’s case, hair lo
ss takes place.  While there are any number of treatment and solutions available today to combat this troublesome issue, it can be challenging to decide which treatment is the best solution, and which option is best for your individual hair type.

The Harley Laser Clinic are proud to offer a superb, non-invasive option for our clients which is demonstrated and proven to deliver results, to strengthen hair and encouraAQ Skin Solutions for hair loss treatment resultsge hair growth.  This treatment is not only rapid regarding the results, it is also easy, effective and takes place across five sessions, each lasting around one hour.
Each time you visit, your scalp is derma stamped, and the advanced growth factor hair complex is applied carefully to the skin.  Once you have had your treatment, there is nothing further to do with regards to aftercare.  In some cases, we may recommend a specific type of serum; this will depend on your hair and skin type.

The patented growth factor (AQ) is conditioned scientifically to assist the individual hair follicles, to stimulate the increased production of growing hair.

Who Is Derma Stamp Treatment Suitable for?

If you have suffered from hair loss, derma stamping is a phenomenal treatment option.  It is also suited for those who may have lost hair over a period of time, or for those people who have fine hair.  We understand that hair loss is a very distressing problem, having to then go through surgery, or a complicated treatment process can add more stress, which is the opposite of what you need.

This method is simple, straightforward and works quickly; there is almost no pain with the derma stamp hair loss treatment method. There is no need whatsoever to use aesthetic, to shave the head or to take any samples before treatment.  It is available to both females and male patients.

How Does Derma Stamping Work?

The process for treatment is almost identical to the facial treatment option, except a hair complex is delivered to the scalp.  While the scalp area has been micro-stamped, the hair complex will assist and aid the rejuvenation and generation of the hair growth which has previously slowed down or stopped altogether.

After the treatment, an advanced serum is applied, which nourishes the hair follicles, and brings them back to their prior state of health.  A good healthy hair growth comes from the follicles that are surrounded by stem cells, this is a vital element of healthy hair development.  Without the stem cells, you will not get the good growth.  The complex we use is purposely created to support these stem cells, and it is full of growth factor cells, enabling the production of healthy hair.  It will also help to condition your scalp at the same time.

Derma stamping does not cover up the issue of hair loss, quite the opposite.  The advanced complex uses a state-of-art formula to create a scalp which is full of vitality and health, which in turn, helps to ensure the generation of good, strong, healthy hair.

This advanced hair complex solution is fragrance-free, it has no side effects at all, and it is non-greasy. This is a completely effective treatment, targeted at helping people with thinning hair, weak hair, hardening of the scalp or people who have suffered from hair loss.

Research has proven that customers have achieved great results with this treatment option and have achieved a full head of hair afterwards.



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