Our Treatments


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment method that permanently reduces hair; it can be carried out on various parts of the body.


Laser Teeth Whitening

A bright smile is a fantastic boost to your confidence and is one of the first things that you notice about someone. Using the latest teeth whitening technology, we can achieve a bright natural white smile without pain or damage to your teeth or enamel.


Freeze Lipo

Want to banish fat and cellulite from your stubborn areas, then we have an amazing machine that is the latest technology designed to do just that.


Cellulite and Fat Reduction

No one wants fat or cellulite anywhere on their body so using the First Bio Tec Fusion CRF Technology we can offer you the best combination of non-surgical lipo treatments which allow for almost any area to be treated.


Acne Treatment

Acne is a common stubborn skin condition that usually develops when an individual is in their teens and can sometimes be controlled by medication.  However for some people it is not always that simple and can lead to scarring.


Thread Veins and Rosacea

Thread veins generally occur more in woman than in men (commonly around the cheeks and nose), more so in those who are pregnant, those who carry extra weight on their legs, wearing heels or standing or sitting for long periods of time.


JUVÉDERM® Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have been long used for many years now to prevent the signs of aging, to maintain a youthful image and to treat any minor imperfections. Dermal fillers are safe, effective and provide immediate results without any recovery time allowing you to continue your daily activities.


Custom Trays

Custom bleaching trays are designed to fit your teeth so that they fit without being uncomfortable and allow the bleaching agent to sit directly against your teeth.  This allows your teeth to be enveloped with the bleaching agent giving you a longer lasting and whiter result, as opposed to having in clinic treatments alone.


Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungal infections, medically known as onychomycosis, are very common – affecting up to one in fifteen of the UK population.


Skin Peel

Using the most scientifically advanced formulas available we can offer you the maximum results on the market.  A clearly visible result from the start offers substantial improvement in the appearance of superficial lines and skin pigmentation.  You get amazing results on reducing the appearance of scars caused by acne and enlarged pores.


AQ Hair Loss Solutions

Losing your hair either completely or by just thinning is just a natural thing when you get older and there is nothing I can do about it.  This is where  Harley Laser Clinic can help you and reverse this process.  It is no longer something that you have to suffer.


AQ Young Skin Solutions

Our busy lives constantly affect our skins from free radicals which are generated by pollution, UV light as well as chemicals in our food which can cause permanent damage. This damage can range from pigmentation, wrinkles, roughness and loss of elasticity and our skin cannot without intervention create a more youthful looking appearance.


Nice Lift Breast Enlargement

Enhance your breasts with Nice Lift at our London Harley Street Clinic. When it comes to breast enhancement London offers a wide choice, but at our Nice Lift Harley Street Clinic, we think we offer women a solution that is literally second to none.

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