Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) Treatment

What is Toe Nail Fungs (Onychomycosis)

Nail fungal infections are also known medically as onychomycosis.  They are commonplace and can occur frequently. They are affecting 1 in every 15 people in the UK alone. On average, around fifty percent of all nail related issues can be attributed to fungus.  It tends to affect females less than it does men and becomes increasingly likely when a person ages. IIt will appear more frequently on the toe’s as opposed to the fingers and as such, you will tend to hear more about it occurring on the feet.  In either case, the treatment is mostly the same.

How do I know I have toenail fungus?

Nail fungal infections are commonly unsightly. The fungal nail becomes thickened and discoloured; it can turn yellow-orange, brown or even white. There can be black areas and bleeding as a result of trauma or areas appearing dark green if a bacterial infection is present. The fungal nail itself can become brittle and are known to crumble, and can lift from the end of the digit. In few cases debris will collect beneath the nail and will become malodorous.

Are there any known causes of nail fungus?

Fungal nail infections will commonly occur due to damage to the nail plate or the seal.  Athletes for or skin infections can get inside the nail which will then results in the infection.  Having warm feet that are in shoes all day long can affect this too as it provides the perfect environment for the development of fungus.  There are different types of fungus, the type specifically found in nails are called dermatophytes, candida, and rubrum.

Common Causes of Nail Fungus

There are some other known causes.  This can be from biting the nails, or by having damaged nails.  Some conditions are also known to affect nail health such as psoriasis, diabetes or a weak immune system.  Excessive smoking can also cause damage to the nail and have a reduced level of health can trigger such problems.   Tightly fitting shoes, shared wash spaces, shared footwear or nail equipment, along with poor foot hygiene and contaminated footwear are all known suspects as well.

Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

At The Harley Laser Clinic, the treatment commences will include an initial consultation, which is free of charge. During this assessment, we will assess the affected nails as well as answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about the treatment.  We will also carry out a patch test before deeming whether or not the treatment is suitable for you. We use state-of-the-art equipment and laser technologies, which will treat the area within a grid-like pattern to ensure total coverage and optimum results.

The laser will then pass heat through the nail, which permits the vapourising of the nail fungus through the use of the high-energy which it omitted from the ND Yag laser which is capable of reaching and reacting with the cell walls of the nails.  It is only a laser that can penetrate this deeply without causing any harm while getting to the bed of the nail.

This is an approved treatment under the CE mark and FDA approved.

How long does the procedure take?

It takes no more than twenty minutes to carry out the procedure.  It will entirely depend on the number of nails which require treatment.  Compared with other more traditional treatments such as creams, the results are astounding.

Can I feel any pain during the nail fungus laser treatment?

You will most likely experience a warm sensation which occurs under the nails while treatment is occurring, but this instantly cools down as the laser is moved around.  There is no harm whatsoever caused to your nail or the surrounding areas.  There are also no side effects as te treatment is non-surgical, with no recovery period at all.

How long will it be until I can see results?

You will not notice any changes to the nail area right away.  We recommend on average that you have two treatments, spread across three to four weeks to get the maximum effectiveness.   Results will be visible once the nail has completely grown out, this is different for each patient, it generally can take a couple of months for most.

The Harley Laser Clinic will always provide you with an aftercare product to help to reduce any further spreading of the fungus.

Nail Fungus (onychomycosis) Diagram

Nail Fungus onychomycosis Explanation


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Nail fungus (onychomycosis) Before and After


Non-Invasive Treatment

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