AQ Young Skin Solutions – (Human Growth Factor Cells)

AQ Young Skin Solutions – (Human Growth Factor Cells)

When we talk to our clients about the treatments they want, skin rejuvenation is always a top performer.  The Harley Laser Clinic are always looking for the very best processes and ways to help our clients achieve their goals.  Often the most preferred options are non-invasive treatments which mean little downtime.  We discovered the AQ solution range which is brought to us by the global brand, Image Skin Care, which we have used in our clinic for many, many years, with great success and results.

AQ Young Skin Solutions DermaStamp

The AQ skin solutions treatment option is driven by the results.  It uses human growth factor to regenerate, rejuvenate and repair skin, which has been altered by scars, pigmentation, acne or any other number of reasons.  We have also successfully used this method to treat clients for hair loss and hair thinning as well.  This process and formulation, have been successfully used for many years, mostly in cosmeceuticals, helping to create amazing complexion.  This method has helped people achieve better overall results compared to clients who have used Botox as an anti-aging treatment.

At the Harley Laser Clinic, we have used many advanced treatments for rejuvenation of the skin.  We are proud to offer derma stamping for the face and the head.  We are excited about the results it delivers, because it is a non-invasive treatment option, we know it will appeal to many of our clients while attracting new patients as well.

Our skin is consistently affected by free radicals, more so, as we age.  These radicals are a product of pollution, chemicals that are found in foods as well as UV light; this causes permanent skin damage which can cause photoaging, roughness, wrinkles and a reduction in elasticity. Growth factors are a special type of protein; they enhance growth, tissues and cells. When applied on a regular basis, they have been clinically proven to reverse skin which has been affected by photodamage.  When skin ages, it also loses its ability to self-heal.  This essentially results in a reduction of collagen, elasticity, and fewer antioxidants, which in-turn means that fine lines and wrinkles become more visible.

HG Face Rejuvenation

The Harley Laser Clinic provides professional derma stamping which is alwayAQ Young Skin Solutions - Before And Afters performed by fully qualified aestheticians.  The stamp itself is a device which has exceptionally fine needles of different lengths, which pierce gently through the dermal layers and create very tiny holes.  It is also known as micro-needling.   The holes which are then created can only be seen under an intense microscope.  These holes allow the skin to be open, for just a short timeframe, without causing any damage at all to the epidermis.  A special serum is then applied to the skin, this is a unique product, which has been created by a Doctor Al-Qatani.





The Science Behind The Treatment

The main ingredient of the serum is a growth factor.   It is highly recommended that this serum be applied immediately after using the derma stamp.  The reason behind this science is that following the micro-needling process, the natural healing response from the body is triggered, which delivers the perfect opportunity for the application of the serum, and allows it to be instantly absorbed into the skin.

This is a cutting-edge treatment which is one of the most popular methods of skin rejuvenation that is used in the states.  A great benefit to the treatment is the zero downtime, allowing you to be able to carry on with your normal day afterwards.   There is only a very minor amount of discomfort with the treatment and, unlike other facial treatment, there is no problem stepping straight out into the sunshine afterwards.  This treatment is also considered to be suited to the majority of skin types.

It is an ideal solution for clients who have acne or acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, puffiness, general scars; sun damaged skin and a range of other conditions as well.   We highly recommend talking to our team about the best options for your individual needs and requirements.

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