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Custom Made Teeth Whitening Trays

A custom made teeth whitening tray is created and designed specifically to fit the exact dimensions of your teeth without any discomfort.  It will then also allow a bleaching agent to sit directly against your teeth. As your teeth will be fully encased in the bleaching agent, they will give you a longer lasting, whiter result as opposed to having in-clinic treatments alone. This works exceptionally well alongside our clinic treatments.



Secure, flexible and comfortable.  The custom trays feel as though you are not wearing anything at all. The trays can be worn whenever you like and are a very convenient option to whitening your teeth when on the move; such as when you are traveling or perhaps before attending an event.

Home Teeth Whitening Custom Trays



How Best To Use A Custom Tray

To obtain the right level of whiteness, using custom made bleaching trays consecutively and as advised by your practitioner is the best way to get the right results, specifically for you.  The custom trays should be used as a touch-up treatment and can be applied, and used a couple of times a week – at a maximum of 60 minutes each time.


The tray will easily help to lighten your teeth, increasing the whiteness, without the expense of having to visit us frequently at our clinic in London to have your teeth whitened professionally.


Using the bleaching trays before coming to us for your blue light in-clinic treatment will enable you to obtain a much whiter and radiant smile, which can be longer lasting overall.  This will then result in you having to perform minor touch-ups when needed, which can easily be done by using the custom trays again, rather than having to take the time to visit the clinic.


Dentists and dental experts generally advise people to use custom bleaching trays prior to and after your professional blue light whitening treatment, as this will ensure that you achieve the optimum result, lasting as long as possible.

Home Teeth Whitening Custom Trays

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