Freeze Lipo / Cyrolipolysis

Freeze Away Fat with Nice Lipo

The Harley Laser Clinic are proud to offer the Nice Lipo treatment.  It is a cutting-edge technology, designed to banish cellulite and fat from stubborn areas on the body.  Nice Lipo specially designed to completely freeze fat and cellulite cells.  These are then drained away by the natural lymphatic system in your body.

Freeze Lipo / Cyrolipolysis by NiceLipo


Why is this the best treatment for cellulite?

There are a plethora of methods available, using different techniques and treatments to reduce cellulite.  Many of these procedures have been known to cause side-effects, some of which can be exceptionally irritable.  These can be anything from bruising, swelling, numbness, blistering, through to internal infections.


We use the Nice Lipo system and are proud of the results our clients report to us.  It is an entirely non-invasive procedure which is free-from many of the above mentiond side-effects that can be caused by the invasive treatements for cellulite.

We belevie this to be the best treatment for cellulite as there is next ot no downtime afterwards and it provides quick, effective results with the minimal disruption to our clients day to day lives.

How does the Nice Lipo treatment work?

This treatment is also known as Cryolipolysis.  It works by creating fat cell apoptis by giving the fat cells exposure to a cooling process.  It is a process which results in the the release of protein cells.   These protein cells will transfer the fat cells and eventually will eliminate them entirely.  Over a duration of around 12 weeks, the protein cells continue to process these fat cells, which are then sent across to the lymphatic system and are subsequently eliminated from the system.

Nice Lipo Results

At The Harley Laser Clinic, we are experts at treating various parts, all over the body.  Somme of the more common areas we treat are; the hips, the back, upper arms, abdomen, flanks and the thighs.  Generally, we have found that a single treatment is adequate to get a long-lasting, visible result.  The average figures suggest that on average, a single treatment will be enough to achieve a 20-30% reduction in adipose tissue.


We would generally advise that it will take between 1 and 3 months for the results to be fully visible, during this period you may also find that your skin will start to show the results gradually.

How many times will I need this treatment?

As with all treatments of this nature, we would always advise each client on an individual basis.  However, generally we would advise between 2-4 treatments.

Will this treatment hurt or cause me any pain?

Some people have described this as a tightening of the skin, but not a painful feeling.  There is a small amount of discomfort at the start of the treatment, but nothing that people have ever described to us as painful.

How long does this treatment take?

The length of the treatment will depend on the number of areas which are being treated.  During our consultation, we will advise you of the timing based on your specific needs. As an example, if we are treating the stomach, it will take between 30 and 45 minutes.

What results can I expect from one session of Nice Lipo?

Clients can expect around a 30% reduction after just one session.

How quickly will I start to see the results?

A client will generally notice the results within three months of having the treatment.

Are there any known side-effects to this treatment?

Because this treatment is entirely non-invasive, the side effects ar exceptionally minimal.  Sometimes people will get a slight redness and in some cases a little bruising.  However, where this has occurred it is resolved very quickly.

Is there any post-treatment guidance or advice?

We would advise clients always to drink lots of water after the treatment has occurred.  This aids the lymphatic system to drain away and get rid of any toxins.  A lymphatic massage will also help the process too.

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