Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

It is most likely, if you have not suffered from acne yourself, then you know someone who has.  It is a fairly commonplace skin condition, often developing during adolescence, frequently occurring in teenagers. It is possible, sometimes, to control this with medication, however, for some individuals it is not always as straightforward as that.

People can develop this condition later on in life when they are adults while others will find that medication is just not effective to clear their skin of this troublesome issue.  It can affect anyone – male or female and can cause emotional and physical grief to the person who suffers with it.

At the Harley Laser Clinic we offer a range of different treatments which are specifically targeted at reducing the acne itself, the scarring left from acne and also to provide an enhancement to the skin, helping to give it an overall, more healthy appearance.

The Science behind Acne

Acne forms and becomes present the sebaceous gland increases the production of something called sebum, and the skin cells which line the follicle do not shed away correctly.  This is one of the main root causes of acne.  The pus and sebum which is produced by the acne over a period of time will eventually block the follicle opening, which in turn will then result in inflammation the creation of larger pores.

IPL Treatment for ACNE

This is a truly effective way to treat active acne in a person.  The treatment will eliminate the bacteria which is the cause of the infection that results in the acne.  Additionally, it will also heat up the skin surrounding the acne that produces the stimulation of collagen, which will then enhance the process of healing and help the reparation of the skin.

How long does the Treatment take?

The time for this treatment can vary from person to person and each different area that is being treated.  For example, if we look at someone who is being treated for a single are on the face, such as their cheeks, this could take under five minutes to treat.  A full face, on the other hand, could take around twenty minutes to treat.

What to expect during the treatment?

A cool gel will be applied to the area which is being treated, after this, follows a gentle application of the sapphire crystal waveguide.  This is where pulses of light will then be absorbed into the skin.  Regarding the sensation that you will feel, it will be similar to that of a rubber band, snapping you lightly on the skin.  In some cases, there will be a slightly red effect on the skin afterwards as the circulation of blood, to the face increases.

After using some of the aloe vera gel, this will soon reduce and disappear altogether.  There is absolutely no downtime needed for IPL treatment; normal daily activities can be resumed immediately afterwards.

Acne Scarring

At The Harley Laser Clinic, we use an advanced system that produces a light which reduces blemishes and leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated without causing any harm to the tissue surrounding the area.  The light of the laser, which is absorbed into the skin encourages the stimulation of collagen.  The laser light is specifically targeted and delivered in frequent short pulses that come from the handpiece which is gentle moved across the surface of the skin.  Most of our clients, when asked to describe the procedure have said it is virtually pain-free, feeling a slightly warming sensation when the laser light interacts with the skin.

Chemical peels can be used for both treating active acne, as well as an after treatment once the acne has somewhat settled down too.  Any scars which may remain on the skin from the acne can gently be peeled away with the chemical peel treatment.  This treatment is also exceptionally compelling in decreasing the visibility of large pores.  This treatment is ideal for the regeneration of the skin because they enhance cell turnover, which significantly improves the skin’s surface, helping the dead cells to shed much quicker that they would normally.  Resulting in an even skin complexion which is free of acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and any discoloration. It is also frequently used to treat superficial skin lines and uneven colourings of the skin, such as with pigmentation.

Image Skincare

This range is specifically tailored to work with targeted skin problems.  The Image Skincare product suite has six different ranges, all of which means there is flexibility to cater for individual skin concerns, rather than the generic, one-size-fits-all approach.

Working together, we will create your own bespoke regime for your skincare from a base of three products.  You can then add in extra products, from other ranges if needed to treat carefully your skin.  We would always advise on a cleanser, an anti-aging cream, and a moisturiser.  These can be chosen from any one of our ranges, or a mixture of all to suit your individual skin type.  A great way to commence your journey o wonderful skin is y using a trial kit, this way, you can easily see which products are ideally suited to your skin.

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Before And After Pictures

Acne Treatment Before and After

Acne Treatment Before and After


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