Cellulite Treatment and Fat Reduction

Cellulite Treatment & Fat Reduction

The Harley Street Clinic offer a range of highly effective treatment options including; Non-surgical lipo, double chin reduction, sagging skin treatment, non-invasive face lift, reduction of hard fat, body, and facial skin tightening, ageing skin and unnatural aging skin and fine lines reduction.

We are a pioneer of bio-tec fusion CRF technology in London.  This specifically combines the very best types of non-surgical liposuction procedures to treat and combat a range of challenges which include; reduction of hard fat, tightening of the skin on the face or body.   This very specialized technology is commonly used to treat areas on the upper legs, the front, and side of the abdomen, the upper arms, thighs and buttocks.  However, it is possible to treat almost any area where cellulite or hard fat may appear.  We have worked with many clients to treat facial areas, helping them to combat double chins, fine lines and also to effectively deal with skin tightening.

What Exactly is Fusion CRF?

Fusion CRF is a cutting edge technology, with RF heating and a cavitational source for cosmetic and aesthetic applications. It is a patented technology which combines a number of different wave types; that achieves a powerful synergy that can penetrate deep into the skin, having a profound effect on the subcutaneous and dermis layers of the skin, which in-turn will create tightening, improves the tissue structure underneath and also aids the reduction of fat storage as well.

How does Fusion CRF work?

This technology consistently enables and delivers a multitude of treatment effects.

  • Radio Cellulite and Fat Reduction treatment machine by First BIO TECFrequency; A superficial and deep pattern of heating is produced to tighten the skin on both the body and the face.
  • Ultrasound – low frequency; This is a mechanical vibration and causes a disruption of the fat cells and Any wasted fat is then driven out from the cells and is banished through the metabolism; this is predominantly due to the reactivated blood microcirculation.
  • Cooling – this is localized and enhances the overall quality of the skin, mostly due to the ice-cooled tip which enables protection on the epidermal surface.

RF Monopolar Treatment – For The Face

Fusion CRF Cellulite Treatment

The Face Monopolar process is predominantly utilized to treat cases of skin laxity through facial tightening and is ideally suited for clients with a mild-to-moderate sagging of facial or bodily tissues; these can be people typically from their mid 30’s to 50’s with any colour of skin.  This treatment is widely used on the forehead area of the face, through the lifting of the brows and the tightening of the skin on the forehead area.  Below the eyes is another common area we often treat by thickening the skin as well as lifting and tightening the upper cheek skin as well.  Other areas we commonly treat our clients on are the mid face, sagging along the length of the jaw line, neck skin and other areas of loose body skin, such as the arms and stomach.

What can I expect from the procedure?

This treatment works through the production of heat while the electrical resistance converts the current to thermal energy, in the buried layer of the dermis.  The RF current which is prodFace RF Monopolar Treatmentuced then flows through the body.  A return pad, or grounding pad, as it can sometimes be called is required in order to return the current.  The structural change to the collagen primarily in these tissues is what is understood to be the instrumental element for the instant contraction of the tissue.  Additional formation of the collagen then occurs and then tightens the dermal tissue more, while reducing the looseness of the skin.

Cavitational and RF Monopolar Body Treatment – Combination

What is the cause of cellulite?


Fat is stored in cells which are positioned between the muscle and the skin.  These cells are then grouped together in collections which are segmented by fibrous filaments which run between the skin and the muscles. It is these filaments which hold and surround the fat into place in small segments.  With weight gain, these fat cells then expand.  The filaments, however, cannot fully support the skin, which is why cellulite treatment becomes needed.  The skin is essentially held down by thin, stringy tissues that pull inwardly.  The tension then pulls in sections of the fat, causing the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer to multiply, and also to stick together.

How does body CRF work?

The Body CRF process releases and relieves the symptoms of cellulite through several different mechanisms;

  • Dermal TighteCombined Cavitational and RF Monopolar Body Treatmentning – of the fibrous filaments, resulting from a thermal injury which affects the blood vessel network, this, in turn, sets off a multitude of inflammatory events which may include fibroblastic proliferation and up-regulation of the formation of collagen.
  • Local blood circulation enhancements – The drainage of fatty deposits to the lymphatic system.
  • Disintegration of fat cells – Along with heat-induced fat cell apoptosis.
  • Cellular and Fibrosis Disruption – this is because of ultrasonic cavitation.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction

Face Tightening

Face Tightening

Fusion CRF Machine

Fusion CRF Machine

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